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Canoeing Ireland are delighted to announce that our Inaugural Awards Gala will take place on the 26th January 2019 at the Lucan Spa Hotel, Co. Dublin.

The awards will recognise the amazing work done by clubs, volunteers and athletes throughout the year of 2018.

  • All nomination queries can be sent to 
  • The deadline for nominations is 23rd December 2018
  • Tickets can be purchased here

The awards categories are as follows;

Club Volunteer of the Year 2018
The volunteer of the year can be anyone within a club environment, an ordinary member, a coach, an assistant, a parent, a supporter.  This award recognises volunteers for their outstanding contributions to canoeing and kayaking activities at Canoeing Ireland member clubs. The contribution can be related to activities by the candidate over a period of years or to a specific event or program during a particular year. The award cannot be awarded to a current employee of Canoeing Ireland.
An panel of independent adjudicators will decided the winner of this award.

Athlete of the Year 2018
Each of the 7 competitive disciplines will have the following categories;
Best Senior Male
Best Senior Female
Best Junior Male
Best Junior Female
The athlete of the year award will be based on results and performances of 2018. Nominees will only be accepted from the discipline committees and/or national coach.

Community Impact Award
This is based on the give back to the local community from a Canoeing Ireland club.   Example – Charity event for a local good cause, participation programmes for disadvantaged areas, inclusion programmes.
Clubs can nominate themselves, they will have to make their case.
The Board of Canoeing Ireland will adjudicate on this award

Best Event of 2018
Every Canoeing Ireland member is free to nominate a canoeing/kayaking event. Members are asked to nominate their favourite event of 2018!
This award will be decided on via an online public poll

Best Team of 2018 (Perpetual Award)
Dedicated to our team sports; This award recognises outstanding achievements made by our teams. Club teams and/or national teams can be included in the nominations. One team will be selected based on their achievements of 2018.
This award will be adjudicated on by the HP Unit of Canoeing Ireland.


Canoeing Ireland AGM, Thanks

Canoeing Ireland would like to thank those clubs and members who attended the Canoeing Ireland AGM which was held on Saturday 9th June. The meeting had a positive tone to it, reflective of this growth and recovery period that the organisation is currrently enjoying.

We would like to acknowledge the Board members who are stepping down and welcome the new members to the Board for the time ahead.

Paul Donnelly – President
Brian Ogilvie – Hon. Secretary
Aisling Conlan – Hon. Treasurer (newly elected)
Executive Member – Leigh Blackmore
Leinster Rep. – Bryan Fennell
Munster Rep. – Evan Roberts
Olympic Discipline Rep. – Ciaran Farrell (newly elected)



Blueway 10k National Canoe & Kayak Week

Canoeing Ireland would like to make you aware of some changes that are being made to the Blueway 10k programme for 2018.
With the success and simplicity of the Paddles Up programme which ran earlier in the year, Canoeing Ireland and Waterways Ireland agreed that the Blueway 10K programme and the Paddles Up programme should be similar in approach and that the finals day for the Blueway 10k should be more about clubs and members participation, than an actual competitive race.
With this idea in mind, Waterways Ireland were happy to agree with Canoeing Ireland’s proposals that we create a National Canoe and Kayak Week which would fall under the Blueway 10k banner and be supported by Waterways Ireland.
This means that the three hours a week training regime that was present during the original Blueway 10k programme is no longer necessary. The technical details of racing a kayak are no longer necessary either. This new event will be open to all types of suitable craft and abilities. This event is ideal for those who have taken or will take a 6 to 8 week beginner course as well as more experienced paddlers. The objective is to create a festival event with a fun atmosphere where clubs, providers and members from across the paddling community get together for a great day out on one of the beautiful designated Blueways.
The National Canoe & Kayak week will see two finals days, one on Lough Derg and the other in Clondra Co. Longford on what will be most likely the wonderful Camlin Loop.
The dates will be:
August 11th – Lough Derg
August 18th – Clondra Co. Longford  (Camlin Loop)
We are hoping that all clubs and providers can get on board and support Blueway 10k National Canoe & Kayak week.
Funding will be available to those clubs and providers who meet the criteria.
For more information on this exciting new project please contact Jon

Update to location for AGM

Update to location for AGM

New location will be Lucan Spa Hotel, 4A N4, Lucan, Co. Dublin


 Irish Canoe Union Limited trading as Canoeing Ireland (“the Company”)

 Saturday, 09th June 2018 at 2pm.

Lucan Spa Hotel, 4A N4, Lucan, Co. Dublin

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Crayfish Plague – Emergency Containment Measures – River Suir & River Deel


In response to a recent outbreak of Crayfish Plague in the River Suir and River Deel, emergency disease containment measures are needed to help prevent its spread.

Crayfish Plague is a disease that kills our native White-clawed Crayfish. All crayfish that become infected will die. Crayfish Plague is easily transmitted in water or via contaminated equipment (for example on canoes, waders or nets).

Ireland holds the largest population of the White-clawed Crayfish that remains in Europe.


All water users are asked to operate a temporary ban on moving water sports and angling equipment out of the River Suir and the River Deel catchment – commencing immediately.

Water sports and angling equipment currently in use in the Suir catchment may continue to be used there; but boats or angling equipment should not be transferred out of the catchment.

Limit your activity to the river section where you normally operate, avoid moving around the catchment and follow biosecurity protocols – Check, Clean, Dry.

Source – Inter Agency response from National Parks and Wildlife Service, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Environmental Protection Agency, Limerick County Council, Cork County Council, Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Sports Partnership, Waterford City and County Council, Marine Institute, Local Authority Water and Communities Office, Waterways Ireland and National Biodiversity Data Centre

CaraFocus National Newsletter

Inclusion and accessibility are going to be key focuses of Canoeing Ireland in the coming year. After attending the National Conference for Inclusion 2016 last week the staff at Canoeing Ireland were impressed by all of the speakers and the challenges many of them have overcome to participate in a wide range of activities. We look forward to being able to provide opportunities to many more participants in canoe sport in 2017. Check out the CaraFocus Newsletter for inspiration and information on what is possible in adventure sports for all participants.