World Cup no. 2 Augsburg, Germany June 23,24 & 25th 2017

The 2017 ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup series starts this weekend with World Cup 1 in Prague. The very Best of Luck to Irish team athletes K1 W Aisling Conlan, K1M; Samuel Curtis, Noel Hendrick and Eoin Teague. C1M; Jake Cochrane and Robert Hendrick. The K1M heats start at 09:16am, C1M heats start at 14:50pm, Irish time Friday 16th June.

World Cup 2 is kicking off tomorrow in Augsburg and you can follow the action with results and video on the ICF website below. K1M heats start at 9:06 and 11:06 with Sam, Eoin and Oisin. K1W heats with Aisling start at 13:25 and 15:48. C1M heats are 14:33 and 16:37 with Liam, Robert and Jake. All times are Irish and we are looking forward to some great racing!! Canoeing Ireland…/…/rankings-results



Official results for the Canoe Slalom WORLD CUP in AUGSBURG, 23 – 25 June 2017 , plus video highlights and athlete rankings.


Sluice Slalom Course – Training Gate Placement

Hello everyone,
We have received word that training gates are being left set for low water levels and also in position at the feature in Sluice. This is a problem for other river users and also increases the risk of further damage when there is a release. Can anyone training at Sluice please ensure that the gates are raised and moved to the side after your session. This is particularly important for the eddies at the feature itself.

Thank you and please see message received below

“To whom it concerns ( all slalom paddler’s at Sluice ) please take in the gates around the wave/hole Eddy’s after any sessions, also generally keep the poles high off the water as ALL the gates were in the water recently where someone adjusted them for a low level paddle and didn’t bother to reset than afterwards, it will only take one rouge fallen tree to do serious damage to the only serious Slalom feature we have in Southern Ireland if the poles are constantly left “LOW”


Paddlewest is a free event to promote canoeing and to support young people who want to try out competition paddling.  We will have 3 events of Saturday the 29th, Slalom, Polo and Sprint Racing. There will be events for all ages from U8 to U18.  On Sunday 30th there will be an open polo event for all ages and some family paddling. For further information check out our Facebook page at

Selection results

Dear athletes and friends of Irish slalom,

I enclose details of the team that will represent Ireland during the 2017 season.

The committee congratulates all the selected athletes and thanks everyone who participated in or contributed to the selection events.

2017 Irish canoe slalom team

Best Wishes,

Irish Canoe Slalom