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Bio-security and the Barrow

The Crayfish plague is now on the Barrow from Royal oak.

It will only spread downstream of the location of infection.

For people operating on the Barrow, stick to you local area and if you have to move gear and boats, wash and dry for at least 48 hours before going to another water course.

  • Drain water from watercraft.
  • Inspect watercraft (inside and out) and other gear. Remove and safely dispose of all attached plant and animal material, mud or debris.
  • Rinse and disinfect all gear thoroughly this should be followed by a 24 hour drying period.  Milton can be used as a disinfectant, either make a solution or a spray. Or by washing gear in water over 40 degrees.
  • Disinfecting kayaks/canoes/paddles with (Virkon / Milton Solution or power hose with hot water over 40 degrees Celsius this should be followed by a 48 hour drying period.

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TDU AGM – 6th May – UL Limerick

Notice is given for the the training and development unit agm for the 6th of may in the university of limerick. This will be run in conjunction with a rolling cpd.

Motions and nominations need to be in by the 22nd of April to motions and nominations need to be proposed and seconded by current tdu members.


Kieran Mckevitt

Secretary training and development unit

Review of Canoeing Ireland processes towards Courses & Logbooks

We have been reviewing processes here in Canoeing Ireland with regards skills and instructor courses.

Below are the results of that review process:

  • Assessment candidates must submit a satisfactory logbook prior to the office accepting assessment application forms.  Logbooks must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to assessment dates.
  • Logbooks should contain everything on the checklist in your logbook. Do not send originals with your logbook. It is your responsibility to send in a complete logbook.
  • If the logbook does not meet requirements to be passed, the logbook will be sent back to the person with a letter explain what was missing.
  • CI will endeavor to set fixed dates at least 3 months in advance for all courses to allow candidates to arrange their schedule around the dates.  Any courses which do not receive any applications within 1 month of course date will be cancelled, any courses which do not have the minimum number of applications within 2 weeks of course date will be cancelled.

RSR1 & RSR2 CPD – 9th April

The Training & Development Unit are hosting their annual ADM this Saturday, 9th April in the Canoeing Ireland Training Centre. They will be running RSR1&2 CPDs before the ADM.
Please make sure you are a valid Canoeing Ireland member before booking into the courses..
Click on the eventbrite link below:

TDU ADM Notice 09/04/16

Training and development Unit AGM notice

Date: 9th April 2016

Time: 16:00

Location: Canoeing Ireland Training Centre, Strawberry beds, Lucan, Dublin

Closing date for Nominations: 26th of March 2016

Closing Date for Motions: 26th of March 2016

Agenda, motions and nominations will be published on the 2nd of April 2016

Motions and nominations need to be proposed and seconded by current TDU members.

All enquiries, motions and nominations to the TDU at

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