Garda Vetting

In order to abide by the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 and Canoeing Ireland’s Child Protection Policy all adults must be vetted prior to working or volunteering with children or vulnerable persons.

Canoeing Ireland now only uses E Vetting. Only the forms linked to on this page can be processed.

The process is broken into three steps:

  1. Print and fill in Vetting Invitation (NVB1) and ID verification form. This form needs to be signed by a suitable person (Club Chairperson, Club Designated Person, Children’s Officer or a Responsible Person = Garda, Principle, Manager, Doctor, Solicitor).
    This form should be posted to Liaison Person, Canoeing Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, National Sports Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.
  2. On successful verification of ID you will be invited to the Garda Vetting Website with details to login and complete your vetting.
  3. Canoeing Ireland will receive confirmation on successful vetting from the National Vetting Bureau, your details will be updated in the Canoeing Ireland Database and you will receive written confirmation as well.

*Note: If the applicant for vetting is aged between 16 – 18 a parental consent form must also be filled in.

The full Canoeing Ireland Garda Vetting Process is available here.

For queries relating to Garda Vetting please contact: