Junior Paddlefest Volunteer Forms

To Volunteer for Junior Paddlefest, please fill in the below googleform:

This form is to register volunteer instructors, Coaches and trainees interested in helping out at Junior Paddlefest 2017 16th/17th September. Junior Paddlefest is the largest junior paddling event in Europe attracting up to 500 kids to take part in canoeing workshops across a huge range of disciplines. The weekend offers an excellent opportunity for trainee instructors and coaches to log hours with a large variety of qualified individuals while helping out at the weekend.

Please note that volunteers must make their own accommodation arrangements with the Hidden Valley campsite if staying over night, www.irelandholidaypark.com.


For all people bringing gear to Junior Paddlefest, please fill in the below form:


Volunteers for Liffey Descent

We are looking for volunteers for Liffey Descent 2017.

If you are interested in the following, please fill in the google form:

Email all rescue queries to liffeydescent2017@gmail.com.

Rescue Volunteer:


On the day volunteer:


If you wish to book Camping:


2017 European Canoe Slalom Junior & U23 Championships

The European Canoe Slalom Junior & U23 Championships get under way tomorrow

Thursday August 17th in Hohenlimburg, Germany.

We wish all of our Athletes the very best of Luck –

Mens Junior K1 –Neil Dignam & Louis Hannon

Womens Junior K1 –Kiera Davidson & Ciara Farrell

Mens Junior C1—James Gibbons & Sean McLarnon

Mens U23 K1 – Samuel Curtis, Eoin Teague, Noel Hendrick

Womens U23 C1 –Caoimhe O’Ferrall

Mens U23 C1 – Liam Jegou, Jake Cochrane, Robert Hendrick


Wednesday, 16/08/2017
19:00 Opening Ceremony
Thursday 17/08/2017

10:30 – 18:10 Heats C2M, K1W, K1M (Junior & U23)

Friday, 18/08/2017

9:00 – 13:15 Heats C1W, C1M (Junior & U23)

14:30 – 18:45 Team events K1W U23, C1W Junior, C1M Junior, K1M Junior, C1W U23, C1M U23, K1M U23, K1W Junior

Saturday, 19/08/2017

11:00 – 17:35 Semi-final & Final K1W U23, K1M U23, K1W Junior, K1M Junior Final C2M U23, C2M Junior (*direct final from heats)

Sunday, 20/08/2017

11:00 – 15:30 Semi-final & Final C1W U23, C1M U23, C1W Junior, C1M Junior

Livestreaming will be available on Canoe Europe Youtube Channel:

Official event website: http://em2017.holibu.de/en/
Promo video: https://www.facebook.com/kchohenlimburg/videos/1317452394974489/


Garda vetting Process – Garda Vetting email

Please be aware that when you send your paper application to Canoeing Ireland, you will then be contacted via Email from the Garda Vetting Bureau to complete your Garda Vetting online.

The process within the office is as follows:

  • Once the form is received by Canoeing Ireland.
  • The vetting System sends invite to Applicant.
  • Applicant has 30 days to complete the process.
  • If the process online is not completed the application expires
  • If process is completed, a letter is sent from Canoeing Ireland to the applicant stating whether it has been successful or not.
  • Otherwise a new application has to be created.

If you are unsure of the process or the forms, please go to the Garda Vetting page for more information.

Junior Paddlefest 2017

Junior Paddlefest:

This year’s event will be held over the weekend of 15 / 16 / 17th September at the Hidden Valley Campsite in Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.

Clinics take place on the 16th and 17th September; with registration from 8pm on the 15th September, and from 7.30am on the 16th September.

Registration  Forms.

To Help with clarifying all of the relevant application  forms, the following colour codes should be used;

  • Information and compulsory reading, Please refer to Red Header Forms
  • Paddlefest Main Event, Signets, Signets Improver, Adults, Adult Improver, Please refer to Blue Header Forms
  • Over 15 Clinics, Please refer to Purple Header Forms
  • Super 12,s, Please refer to Orange Header Forms

Please note that all participants must be members of Canoeing Ireland. Read more