Sluice Summer Evening Sessions


Who is it for?

  • Sluice Evening Sessions are for those at a high standard of padding. They must have completed level 2 and participated in at least fiver river trips, and/or one term of the junior senior school or the adult school.
  • You must be over the age of 12 to participate
  • The sessions will be focused on Skills training in river runner kayaks.
  • This includes a qualified instructor/s and use of the Training Centre’s Gear.
  • The Sluice evening sessions will operate from the sluice on the river liffey in Lucan Demense.

Sluice evening sessions summer term

  • No Dates are Scheduled
  • There is a minimum of six places each evening
  • Participants can either meet in the training centre at 18:30 if they need gear or 19:00 at the sluice if they are bringing their own.
  • Lifts will be organised between the group/parents to and from the sluice and training centre


Cost is €15 per session, Sessions will only run with a minimum of 5 

Sessions are pay as you go but must be paid 2 days in advance through the application form or by emailing ahead.

How to Book

Click Here for Application Form

Email application form to  or call 0857200198 for details

What to bring

We supply all the kayaking gear. What you need to bring is appropriate clothing for under the wetsuit, Shorts/Swimming gear, warm fleece/hoodie or thermal that can get wet and also old runners and a towel

Children must be signed in and out of the sessions  by a parent or guardian, we do not allow children to “come and go” by themselves.