Junior Paddlefest would not be possible with out the incredible support of the volunteer instructors and coaches but also the incredible generosity people demonstrate in lending equipment to the event for the weekend. As the juniors who take part in the event don’t have boats for every discipline available over 300 boats are required to successfully run the event.

Canoeing Ireland Kayak

As you can imagine the recruitment and coordination of 300 boats is a logistical challenge each year. In an attempt to simplify the logistics involved for the voluntary event organisers we have put together this form is to record gear which clubs, businesses and individuals intend to bring and loan to Junior Paddlefest 2015 participants on the 19th & 20th September 2015.

If you can bring some gear to lend to Junior Paddlefest 2015 please fill out the details below and we will be in touch in the week running up to the event to let you know if the equipment will be needed.

If everyone could fill out this form, even if you have spoken with the event organisers directly, it will help to keep the logistics as simple as possible over the course of the weekend and ensure that all the gear that is brought down is put to good use.

Also remember that you can sign up to volunteer or help out over the weekend here.