The Loughs Agency has made a call for applications to the Sustainable Development Fund – a small grants programme. This call was for capital and other projects, including events.

Funding is offered at up to 75% and up to £7,500.

Themes called were:-

  • River access measures
  • Marine access measures
  • Accommodation improvements that will benefit Marine Tourism/Angling
  • New or improved marine/angling experiences
  • Training and skills development
  • Festival and events
  • Innovative enhancement / restoration to improve fish stocks
  • Events


Project proposals are outlined in the document attached. Further detail can be provided upon request. Addressees are invited to comment on proposals (focussing on their key relevant competency areas) before  10:00am 15th March 2016 (by email or letter to the undersigned). It will be understood by the Agency that a nil response indicates that the  addressee -or addressee body- is content that the projects proceed (subject to assessment by the Agency).

Please feel free to copy this email to appropriate colleagues.

Any response should include any appropriate conflict of interest declaration – for instance, if you are related to or acquainted with any applicant, have a business or professional interest etc.

Thank you for your anticipated support!

Detail of the funding programme is available at the following link –

Emails to