Survey of river birds nesting in built structures during 2017  

This year with support from the Heritage Council, BirdWatch Ireland is appealing to users of our nations waterways to get involved in our Riverbirds in Man-made Structures Survey!

Ireland supports a rich and diverse network of rivers, canals and other waterways. Though often difficult to access, these sites are regularly visited by tourists, anglers, canoeists and other recreational users. If you use our national waterways this summer, you can help us by recording any river bird nest sites you encounter. We are specifically looking for sightings of birds nesting in or on man-made structures: for example, Dippers nesting under bridges, Sand Martins nesting in quay walls, Grey Wagtails nesting in holes in old mill walls or Kingfishers nesting in artificial banks. 

If you are out on one of our fantastic waterways please keep an eye out for the nesting activity described above.

If you do observe nest site please record it on our easy to use online platform. All we need is a small amount of details (location etc) and you can also add a photo of the site if you managed to capture one.

Please submit your records at the project webpage linked below: