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Canoeing Ireland are delighted to announce that our Inaugural Awards Gala will take place on the 26th January 2019 at the Lucan Spa Hotel, Co. Dublin.

The awards will recognise the amazing work done by clubs, volunteers and athletes throughout the year of 2018.

The awards categories are as follows;

Club Volunteer of the Year 2018
The volunteer of the year can be anyone within a club environment, an ordinary member, a coach, an assistant, a parent, a supporter.  This award recognises volunteers for their outstanding contributions to canoeing and kayaking activities at Canoeing Ireland member clubs. The contribution can be related to activities by the candidate over a period of years or to a specific event or program during a particular year. The award cannot be awarded to a current employee of Canoeing Ireland.
A panel of independent adjudicators will decide the winner of this award.

Athlete of the Year 2018
Each of the 7 competitive disciplines will have the following categories;
Best Senior Male
Best Senior Female
Best Junior Male
Best Junior Female
The athlete of the year award will be based on results and performances of 2018. Nominees will only be accepted from the discipline committees and/or national coach.

Community Impact Award
This is based on the give-back to the local community from a Canoeing Ireland club.   Example – Charity event for a local good cause, participation programmes for disadvantaged areas, inclusion programmes.
Clubs can nominate themselves,  but they will have to make their case.
The Board of Canoeing Ireland will adjudicate on this award

Best Event of 2018
Every Canoeing Ireland member is free to nominate a canoeing/kayaking event. Members are asked to nominate their favourite event of 2018!
This award will be decided on via an online public poll

Best Team of 2018 (Perpetual Award)
Dedicated to our team sports; This award recognises outstanding achievements made by our teams. Club teams and/or national teams can be included in the nominations. One team will be selected based on their achievements of 2018.
This award will be adjudicated on by the HP Unit of Canoeing Ireland.