Does your club or business want to be part of the exciting Blueway 10K initiative in 2016? 

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We believe that Blueway 10K has the potential to revolutionise Irish paddlesports by providing our community with an expert model of core skills developed by the best paddlers and coaches in Ireland.   Blueway 10K is going to transform how Irish instructors, coaches and paddlers understand the forward stroke and the core skills of our sport.  We guarantee that anyone who completes or delivers this training programme, no matter how novice or experienced you are, will significantly improve their paddling skills and get fitter in the process.  Don’t get left behind, get involved in the Blueway 10K initiative and be at the forefront of Irish paddlesports development.

The Blueway 10K programme is being developed by Canoeing Ireland in partnership with Waterways Ireland, the Coca Cola Thank You Fund and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland.  We have a great group of core partners with substantial backing to deliver a world class product and media campaign which will promote your clubs, businesses and Irish paddlesports in a new and fresh way.  We are now looking for clubs and businesses to join our team of partners to deliver this inspiring programme nationally.

Logo 1What is Blueway 10K?

Blueway 10K is a fresh active fitness based approach to canoeing and paddlesports in Ireland applying a couch to 5k model to the water.  Blueway 10K aims to take all the hassle out of paddling activity, offering people quick and easy access to water based training sessions in some of Ireland’s most beautiful landscapes.  This no nonsense approach will allow people to turn up in regular workout clothes, put on a buoyancy aid, grab a boat and paddle, and go for a short, fun and intensive work out as part of a general fitness routine.  The programme will be rolled out on flat water to maximise core skills development and as such use of helmets and spray decks is not required, but is optional for those who wish to use them.

The programme is based on a 12 week training programme, running from the 28th May 2016 to the 20th August 2016, with three hours of activity a week.  People have busy schedules and we don’t expect all participants to complete the entire programme but participants should be aiming to complete two thirds of the programme.  The programme is designed for three one hour workouts but these can be combined and adapted to suit clubs, providers and participants.  The schedule could be adapted into two 1.5 hour work outs, one 2 hour and one 1 hour workout, or even one 3 hour workout each week.  On the 20th of August 2016 Canoeing Ireland will co-ordinate a series of Blueway 10K events around Ireland so participants can attend a local Blueway 10K event minimising logistics and travel.

Blueway 10K is tailored for total beginners who have never paddled before but due to its new approach to paddlesports coaching will be suitable and hugely beneficial to intermediate and even expert paddlers who want to improve their paddling technique and fitness.  The Blueway 10K will be the perfect summer training routine to prepare for the 2016 Liffey Descent.  Although the programme is written for kayaks, the Blueway 10K can be completed in any paddlesports craft including sit on tops, open canoes and stand up paddle boards.

With the input of three times Olympian Eoin Rheinisch and World Championship Marathon Paddler and PhD in Sports Science Neil Flemming, Canoeing Ireland have developed a comprehensive 12 week, 36 hour training programme which can be easily understood and implemented on your local stretch of water. This step by step programme will guide participants, instructors and coaches through progressions in technical skills, physical fitness, mental preparation, tactics and nutrition.

What is Blueway 10K offering to its activity partners?

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  • An impressive marketing opportunity for your club or business through the Blueway 10K national media campaign with the support of our partners Waterways Ireland, Coca Cola, Canoeing Ireland and CANI.
  • A space on the Blueway 10K activity partner information page on
  • A unique opportunity to develop the coaching skills of your instructors and coaches, and to further your understanding of the forward stroke and the core skills of paddlesports.
  • An easy to follow guide describing the 12 week, 36 hour training programme developed by the best paddlers and coaches in Ireland.
  • Subscription to a weekly email, which will be sent to all Blueway 10K activity partners and participants, with tips and weekly support videos outlining the weekly programme and specific technical elements to focus on.
  • Access to the Blueway 10K training workshops for coaches and instructors working with Blueway 10K activity partners which will be delivered in April and May 2016 nationally.  The first workshop will be on the 9th April at the Canoeing Ireland training centre to coincide with the TDU AGM.
  • Partnership is a fantastic development opportunity for Irish paddlesports from which everyone will benefit.

Canoeing Ireland201402030043What do I need to do in return as a Blueway 10K Activity Partner?

The great news is that Activity Partnership in the Blueway 10K programme is free of charge.  In return Activity Partners must commit to delivering the Blueway 10K programme, at least 3 hours a week with a group of participants between the 30th May and 20th August 2016.  Some Activity Partners may choose to deliver the programme over a single session or several sessions each week. Blueway 10K Activity Partners must also host a Blueway 10K open day from 10am to 1pm on the 14th May 2016 as part of a national media campaign to promote clubs, businesses, Blueway 10K and paddlesports as a whole.

Clubs may wish to offer the programme for free to their club members or charge a small fee to hire in a coach.  Businesses may wish to charge for the programme and are free to charge whatever fee they feel is appropriate.  As this is the first year we suggest a fee of €10 per hour, €100 per 4 week block or €270 for the entire programme which will help to maximise participation.  Businesses should be able to structure their activity in a sustainable way by running the hour long Blueway 10K sessions before, after or around their existing activities.

Instructors, coaches, club members, staff members and businesses will benefit massively from delivering the Blueway 10K training programme.  Not only will the programme offer personal fitness and technical improvements for everyone involved but it will also offer continuous professional development for instructors and coaches.

The Blueway 10K event on the 20th August 2016

shannon_blueway_leitrim2On the 20th August 2016 Canoeing Ireland will coordinate a series of Blueway 10K events around the country to finish the programme with a bang.  We will need Blueway 10K Activity Partners to help us deliver these events locally.  There is a grant of up to €1,000 available to help support Blueway 10K Activity Partners in delivering the Blueway 10K events as well as support resources such as flags and banners.    The Blueway 10K event will be free to participants registered for the Blueway 10K programme.

How will people register for Blueway 10K?

The Blueway 10K event page will hosted on  On the event page there will be an online registration portal.  Registration for Blueway 10K will be free of charge to Canoeing Ireland and CANI members.  Non-members will have to register with their respective NGB to register for Blueway 10K.

At registration Blueway 10K participants will choose the Activity Partner with whom they wish to complete Blueway 10K training programme and the location where they wish to complete the Blueway 10K event on the 20th August.

We will host a Blueway 10K Activity Partner information page which will provide the details on each Blueway 10K Activity Partner, where they are located, contact information and how much they are charging for the programme or how much their club membership costs.

We expect two main pathways for registration

  • people will hear about the programme on the national media campaign and go to the website to register or
  • people may come directly through the Activity Partner to register for the programme

In either case participants must register on to gain access to the training materials, weekly updates and the Blueway 10K event.

How will the event be promoted?

The Blueway 10K initiative and its Activity Partners will be promoted through Canoeing Ireland, Waterways Ireland, Coca Cola and CANI media platforms.  The Blueway 10K media campaign will also endeavour to promote Blueway 10K through local and national media including press, television and radio.  The programme will be promoted through the national Local Sports Partnership network to encourage grass routes participation.  Blueway 10K will be heavily promoted through Canoeing Ireland’s and Canoe Association of Northern Ireland’s network of members.

Blueway 10K and its activity partners will be heavily promoted on

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The programme and its partners will also be promoted on Facebook through

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Blueway 10K will use the hashtags #Blueway10K, #Doityourway, #Paddleyourwayto10K

How do I sign up as a Blueway 10K Activity Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a Blueway 10K activity partner just fill out the form here before the 1st of April 2016.    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

DSC02808-001The potential of Blueway 10K is huge for Irish Paddlesports if we work together we can make a huge impact which will benefit everyone involved in Irish paddlesports.  We will see a significant improvement in paddling standards across Ireland as well as a marked increase in paddling activity nationally.  We hope to deliver a great programme together and really look forward to collaborating with you to make this project a great success.