Level 3 Skills Training

Canoeing Ireland Training Centre run Level 3 kayak skills training courses over two days. The course is aimed at those who ;

  • Have succesfully completed Level 2 Skills training
  • Wish to progress their white water paddling skills.
  • Are over 16 years

Course content

The course is an intense two days which aims to cover all skills required on a Level 3 Kayak skills assessment. It aims to give the paddler an understanding of moving water and how different strokes and techniques can be used to navigate the river safely.

Goal of the Training

To help level 2 skills kayakers move to the next level of the sport and begin to explore whitewater moves on a higher grade of whitewater.  This course focuses on solidifying level 2 skills before building level 3 skills so students have a solid foundation for paddling more difficult whitewater.


  • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 16:00


  • €160 (Includes equipment and in course transport)

Places are limited to 6 participants

If you have any queries

Please contact trainingcentre@canoe.ie for further information

Dates:  To be confirmed

What will be covered

After a revision of fundamental strokes and moving water techniques students are introduced  to intermediate strokes such as the Bow Rudder, Stern Rudder , High Brace  , Sculling and Hanging Draw.

The group then heads out onto moving water  where they are can work on practicing and fine tuning Breaking in & out and Ferry-gliding, concentrating especially on entering micro-eddies, breaking in to fast current, and ferrying across difficult jets of water. Students are  introduced to wave and hole surfing, and  working on teaching or improving the  roll and applying it to whitewater situations.