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The Canoeing Ireland Database is running in a Beta mode for member testing. The database is surprisingly complex holding over 500,000 pieces of information which are all intricately linked to each other. Some errors may have cropped up in the integration of the old database with this new interface. If you spot a Data Error, a Technical Bug, have an idea or want to give some feedback please use the link below.

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Types of Membership

Individual Membership

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to be a member of Canoeing Ireland but is not a member of a club.

Cost: €50 – Valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Club Membership

Who is it for?

Any group or club who wish to do their membership in bulk and wish to renew or register their club with Canoeing Ireland.


The Annual Club Registration Fee is €150.

The fee per senior club member to is €30.

The fee per junior club member to is €10.

For an additional fee, you can get a plastic membership card for €10.

Please note:

Only the secretary of a Canoeing Ireland registered club can register club members. Currently the membership for the Club member is based on the date the secretary renews or enters the member onto the database. The member of the club gets 365 days from that date.

You must first become a member of Canoeing Ireland to register a club.


By applying for Canoeing Ireland membership you agree to subscribe to the Sport Ireland policy on Anti-doping. Note that Canoeing Ireland’s policy is that doping is contrary to the spirit of sport and every member has a duty to ensure that the sport is free of doping. Canoeing Ireland fully subscribes to the Sport Ireland Anti-Doping Policy & Procedures. According to these, under the strict liability rule, members are responsible for any substance that may be found in their bodies.

Insurance Information

Public Liability Insurance

Canoeing Ireland provides Public Liability Insurance (also referred to as Third Party Liability Insurance) for individuals registered with Canoeing Ireland against liability to pay compensation for injury or damage caused to a third party as a result of legal negligence.

Canoeing Ireland Insurance Information