Canoeing Ireland Talent ID – Athlete Performance Submission

This form is a first step in recording Canoeing Ireland Athlete performance in Ireland. This form will be used to create a pool of data from which upcoming and talented athletes can be identified and invited to take part in squad testing.

How to take part

Tests can be carried out in Sprint, Slalom, Marathon, Wild Water Racing, Polo and Creek Boats with participants of any age or experience. The initial performance tests can be carried out by anyone and are based on an honesty submission.  It must be noted that there is little point in providing misleading results as testing will be carried out at squad testing prior to squad membership.

Tests MUST be carried out on flat water with NO flow in a standard competition boat for the chosen discipline. Tests are simple to measure and are based on a timed run over a choice of distances 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m and 10km. Test set up should be as accurate as possible. Times can also be provided from official competition results.

These performance submissions will allow Canoeing Ireland to keep track of athletes performance and progression across a range of disciplines over an extended period of time, creating an extremely valuable pool of information for coaches and athletes for generations to come.  We would encourage athletes and coaches to regularly submit test results and race results to track progress and improvement of athletes over time.

Canoeing Ireland would encourage established and past athletes to submit results to compare to upcoming athletes results and to help motivate young athletes to preform to their maximum.   Established athletes who have old records of their past performance times are also encouraged to submit them for comparison to the next generation.

Good luck to all Canoeing Athletes and Coaches out there who are working hard to achieve their potential.  Looking forward to seeing your results.