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Flow State Issue 3

We have lift off!! We hope you enjoy the third and final edition of Flow State for 2018. Share it far and wide! Thanks again for all the contributions from across the sport.Have a great weekend and a very merry Christmas from everyone in Canoeing Ireland.

Canoeing Ireland AGM, Thanks

Canoeing Ireland would like to thank those clubs and members who attended the Canoeing Ireland AGM which was held on Saturday 9th June. The meeting had a positive tone to it, reflective of this growth and recovery period that the organisation is currrently enjoying. We would like to acknowledge the Board members who are stepping [...]

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Blueway 10k National Canoe & Kayak Week

Canoeing Ireland would like to make you aware of some changes that are being made to the Blueway 10k programme for 2018. With the success and simplicity of the Paddles Up programme which ran earlier in the year, Canoeing Ireland and Waterways Ireland agreed that the Blueway 10K programme and the Paddles Up programme should be similar [...]

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